“Claire captured my feelings and thoughts about my experience of COVID perfectly and her writing showed she had really understood what I had said. What she wrote was spot on!”

Sarah age 60, UK

“I really wanted to participate in Claire’s covid/lockdown project because I think it is really timely and important work. Nevertheless, I was nervous about being interviewed, but Claire really helped to put me at ease and listened sensitively and attentively to me. The story she wrote afterwards encapsulated my experience really well. Overall, I found Claire to be very professional in her approach, and I enjoyed taking part in this project.”

Natasha aged 45, UK  

“I enjoyed being interviewed by Claire as I felt that the topic was current & important. It was good to relay my experiences of the pandemic in an informal & non judgemental way. Reading back over my story I felt that Claire portrayed my experiences in a true & precise manner. I look forward to reading other people’s stories & testimonials.

Claire age 48, UK

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