Ray Aged 20

One of the hardest things has been finding motivation, I’m at university and it all went online.  The 1st semester it was fine but by the 2nd semester It was really hard. I was realizing the effect of being on a laptop for 5 hours a day and spending so much time on tech. ItContinue reading “Ray Aged 20”

Alice age 34

The isolation has been hardest thing, I’m a really person centred individual, I attend a lot of groups and I really felt the impact of not seeing people. Not seeing my family was really difficult they live at the other end of the country. My mum was diagnosed with cancer In the October, In theContinue reading “Alice age 34”

Sarah age 60

Despite having my partner there, there has been times I have felt isolated and cut off from people but I’ve been really glad to have been able to work. I work in Social Care and work has really got me through, it’s always a positive even when I’m struggling it gives me meaning and purpose.Continue reading “Sarah age 60”

Natasha age 45

Something I have missed the most is going round the charity shops! I get so much joy from them, it’s like going on a treasure hunt. I love knowing that each piece of clothing has a story to tell from its previous owner.  Wherever In the country I have been I have always rooted aroundContinue reading “Natasha age 45”

Joanne age 48

Initially I was really confused about Covid, was it real? Was there a hidden agenda?  Everywhere being shut was hard, I like to be out about and I felt lonely and isolated. It was hard to keep my 7 year old son occupied and his behaviour was proving difficult. I ended up fighting a lotContinue reading “Joanne age 48”

Anna age 55

This pandemic has taught me to really appreciate what I have, the company I’ve had with my husband, my garden to potter in and my friends. It’s been so lovely to see the kindness of others, there has been so much generosity around. I’ve tried to help where I can and it’s been good toContinue reading “Anna age 55”

Theresa age 46

Single parenting has been the hardest, living with the knowledge that no one is coming round; there is no one to rescue or support me. My Tweenager has physical and emotional outbursts – where she attacks me. I can only turn to her dad for support which gives momentary relief, but it’s brings many otherContinue reading “Theresa age 46”