The Covid Chronicles

There has been so much pain, loss and sadness throughout this pandemic but also surprising moments of joy and inspiration. There have been things that have brought us together and things that have ripped us apart. The Covid chronicles offer a brief window into the many experiences we have had, some of which will be shared and others not, I hope these stories will strengthen our empathy and understanding of the tumultuous journeys we have all be on…

Christian aged 62

As an artist I have spent a lot of my life working on my own and I am quite comfortable in my own company. I’m not sure where the idea came from, but during lockdown I started doing some work on redoing the soundtracks of classic movies, such as Close Encounter with puppets, so what you see is the puppets and what you hear is the original soundtrack from the film. I did this for a number of things like The Big Lebowski, just in my back room, come studio.Continue reading “Christian aged 62”

Kate aged 29

Yeah, I mean, I actually really enjoyed lockdown to an extent because I’m secretly an introvert and I actually quite like hiding. As soon as there was a child in the house that changed because I needed to get out with her as much as possible. My thing is a nine year old child, Charlie.  She came to my alternative Sunday school and me and my partner fostered her during lockdown.  Her dad died from COVID, They’d found him dead and fallen out of bed. And then, I remember aContinue reading “Kate aged 29”

Ryan aged 39

I work for a frontline local charity supporting volunteers so I came across a lot of people not putting themselves first, in these really challenging circumstances.  Everyone was impacted, but their first thought was how I can help someone who is in a less fortunate and in a more vulnerable position than me. I can’t put into words the privilege of seeing that.  I think it was just a kind of reminder that there is a lot of really good people out there.  It was also grounding because I hadContinue reading “Ryan aged 39”

Eve aged 45

There has been so much pain, loss and sadness throughout this pandemic but also surprising moments of joy and inspiration. There have been things that have brought us together and things that have ripped us apart. The Covid chronicles offer a brief window into the many experiences we have had, some of which will be shared and others not, I hope these stories will strengthen our empathy and understanding of the tumultuous journeys we have all be on… The Covid Chronicles is a personal project that I am developing, I amContinue reading “Eve aged 45”

Karen – aged 50

We were furloughed for two months, which was actually quite nice as work topped our money up.  I didn’t have the pressure of working 9-5 every day, I got quite fit, I was going running every day. It was a nice kind of break and it didn’t hit me that much financially. My son’s dad lives in sheltered accommodation with 2 other disabled people, so he wasn’t allowed to go and see him at all. My son didn’t really leave the house, so I was a bit worried about theContinue reading “Karen – aged 50”

Juliet – aged 44 ( Austria)

Covid 19 shook us, not stirred us, shook us and maybe we needed it to wake up. The people who work for the ambulance service, the fire guards and those who work in grocery stores those are the people that have kept up the system and you truly saw who was actually holding up the system. The worse thing has been the miscommunication and the lack of communication.  The politics have been very negative, based on fear, not on openness, not on scientific communication.  My background is in health promotionContinue reading “Juliet – aged 44 ( Austria)”

Lee aged 28

I had a really hard time with not being able to access my usual distractions.  I couldn’t go out and have sex, I couldn’t go to the gym. All the things I ascribed to my identity as a sex worker and the things that I used to make myself feel valuable, which was sex, going to the gym and looking attractive I couldn’t do any of them. So had to start looking at myself as someone aside from sex. I was a sex worker for 8 years, a lot ofContinue reading “Lee aged 28”

Amy aged 47

The hardest thing generally for me has been the figures, it’s the people who have died, in my opinion totally unnecessarily due to bad decisions, bad government decisions, indecision. All that stuff, you can, you can’t, you might, you won’t.  It made me really angry and I found it really hard. It was just the two of us, me and my son, I had to be on it, I knew it was going to be for the foreseeable. Every day we did two hours work, it wasn’t easy. I hadContinue reading “Amy aged 47”

Dave aged 67

The whole thing impacted people in different ways but the one thing we all had was the uncertainty of everything. This has never been dealt with in my lifetime, my dad lived through the 2nd world war, so I heard all those stories. This is something that came near to that kind of tragedy.  People were impacted greater or lesser, lesser for me, no real worries apart from not seeing the kids, not going to the pub, not going to the football. Other people were impacted much more, people whoContinue reading “Dave aged 67”

John Aged 55

The first lockdown in the March (2020) when the weather was glorious, we spent loads of time in the garden. All the cars stopped and the air turned clean, that was huge, I remember going out into the garden one day and I could smell the countryside, I could hear the wind, I could hear the insects.  In the absence of pollution all the insects blossomed and that brought out all the birds.  There was so many birds last year.  Seeing nature claim back the space because it could breathe,Continue reading “John Aged 55”

Ceri aged 50

I had an absolute terror of what was out there, I have been terrified of getting Covid, I have diabetes, I’m overweight and I smoke, I have all the risk factors. Just as the lockdown happened a friend I’d known for 30 years passed away of cancer, only 10 people were allowed at the funeral so there was no opportunity to talk and share stories. I’ve lost 5 people since the lockdown and it’s been really hard not having the ability to share memories, stories and thoughts with others, noContinue reading “Ceri aged 50”

Lucy Aged 41

I was working in a secondary school as a learning support assistant at the time. When we first went into lockdown I stopped working and was put on furlough. For the first few weeks I did some reading and walked around my local park; which is as much as I could do with restrictions. I then signed up as an NHS volunteer responder delivering prescriptions to those shielding in my local area which allowed me to get out of the house more. I did a zoom course with a localContinue reading “Lucy Aged 41”

Ray Aged 20

One of the hardest things has been finding motivation, I’m at university and it all went online.  The 1st semester it was fine but by the 2nd semester It was really hard. I was realizing the effect of being on a laptop for 5 hours a day and spending so much time on tech. It isn’t a natural way to live as human beings. I think we all have an in built anti –depressant, which is having contact and physical contact with other people. We really struggled as a familyContinue reading “Ray Aged 20”

Ashish age 17

I was in Year 11 doing my GCSEs when the first lockdown happened and I just had no work to do. Exams were cancelled and we were left in the dark till the September (2020). It has made doing my A levels now much harder because of being out of practice of working hard and having a long period of not working at all. There was the scandal of kids in lower income areas being given lower grades than average; sometimes one or two grades lower than predicted just becauseContinue reading “Ashish age 17”

Julia age 51

What I found hardest about it all was that it crystallised my view of the world, seeing how easily controlled we are and how I don’t have faith or trust in the system. Scientists and doctors were being silenced and information out there being censored. People who questioned it, or wondered about what was going on were called crazy conspiracy theorists. It has felt that we have been told what to say, think and hear.   I kept hearing the word ‘sheeple’, it’s been used about people unquestionably following the mainstreamContinue reading “Julia age 51”

Alice age 34

The isolation has been hardest thing, I’m a really person centred individual, I attend a lot of groups and I really felt the impact of not seeing people. Not seeing my family was really difficult they live at the other end of the country. My mum was diagnosed with cancer In the October, In the middle of a lockdown, she has severe mental health problems and she had to have a mastectomy. There was nobody to help her, one of my sister’s worked in a Covid testing centre and myContinue reading “Alice age 34”

Sarah age 60

Despite having my partner there, there has been times I have felt isolated and cut off from people but I’ve been really glad to have been able to work. I work in Social Care and work has really got me through, it’s always a positive even when I’m struggling it gives me meaning and purpose. It’s so much a part of my identity and I’ve had structure and routine because of it. Having said that every client talks about Covid so it’s been a massive part of my life.  Continue reading “Sarah age 60”

Natasha age 45

Something I have missed the most is going round the charity shops! I get so much joy from them, it’s like going on a treasure hunt. I love knowing that each piece of clothing has a story to tell from its previous owner.  Wherever In the country I have been I have always rooted around the charity shops, it’s my way of getting to know a town! Before the pandemic hit I’d realised I had to adapt my work goals around health problems I have. I was getting a littleContinue reading “Natasha age 45”

Joanne age 48

Initially I was really confused about Covid, was it real? Was there a hidden agenda?  Everywhere being shut was hard, I like to be out about and I felt lonely and isolated. It was hard to keep my 7 year old son occupied and his behaviour was proving difficult. I ended up fighting a lot with my 22 year old daughter who lives with me, she was drinking a lot through boredom and there was a lot of tension in the house. It got really bad at times and IContinue reading “Joanne age 48”

Anna age 55

This pandemic has taught me to really appreciate what I have, the company I’ve had with my husband, my garden to potter in and my friends. It’s been so lovely to see the kindness of others, there has been so much generosity around. I’ve tried to help where I can and it’s been good to support friends having a rougher ride than me. I’d promised myself when it all started that I would call someone everyday but to be honest it got too hard and painful, not my friends themselves,Continue reading “Anna age 55”

Theresa age 46

Single parenting has been the hardest, living with the knowledge that no one is coming round; there is no one to rescue or support me. My Tweenager has physical and emotional outbursts – where she attacks me. I can only turn to her dad for support which gives momentary relief, but it’s brings many other problems too. The responsibly of doing the right thing, despite the hardship it brings, has been hard. I have struggled so much witnessing other people’s lack of responsibility. I feel so angry and judgmental aboutContinue reading “Theresa age 46”

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