About me

About me

I found my writing feet as a performance poet in Bristol back in the late 90’s. I performed at many venues in Bristol and London including the Ashton Court Festival, Jesters comedy club and the The Arnolfini.  My work has been published in two local anthologies and I also feature on a CD (Monkeys with Car Keys) alongside other local spoken word artists and in a HTV documentary ‘Hidden Voices’ about performance poets in Bristol. I then went on to complete a degree In Creative Writing In 2001 at Bath Spa University.

Before becoming a full time mum I worked for 10 years as a theatre practitioner.  I Wrote, devised, facilitated and produced theatre projects and events for young people and adults. During this time I wrote several plays for young people, often these came to fruition through a series of workshops, where the young people themselves created the narratives through improvisation.

I have written plays for an adult audience often exploring themes such as addiction, abuse and social isolation using dark humour to challenge perceptions. As a creative writer I’m unafraid of exploring the more difficult or controversial topics life throws our way. I’m fascinated by people’s personal stories, what they have overcome, how they have become who they are and what makes them tick. I write with authenticity and am able to use humour to inject life in to words. Among others my Plays have been performed at The Rhondo Theatre – Bath, The Alma Tavern Bristol, The Lowry Studio Salford, 24/7 Theatre Festival Manchester and Buxton Theatre Festival.

Although much of my back ground is in creative writing, I also have a diploma in Copywriting through The College of Media and Publishing. I am able to write convincing and attractive copy and content to suit any format and genre. I wrote advertorial copy for 9 years for a food and drink guide where I had the pleasure of dining out at local restaurants in exchange for writing persuasive marketing copy.

Most recently I put my writing and performance skills to the test with stand up comedy; I have to say I’ve loved it! Jelly legs and all, I have performed locally to where I live, in and around the northwest prior to the pandemic. I am very much hoping to get back on the comedy horse soon!

I am currently working on a new project – The Covid Chronicles. The project will document people’s experience of living through the ups and downs of a pandemic. I am presently interviewing willing participants. By sharing our stories we offer a brief window into our fellow human’s experience of living through lockdown in the UK.

I’m able to offer my services as content writer and copywriter as well as a script and ghostwriter.

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