Eve aged 45

There has been so much pain, loss and sadness throughout this pandemic but also surprising moments of joy and inspiration. There have been things that have brought us together and things that have ripped us apart. The Covid chronicles offer a brief window into the many experiences we have had, some of which will be shared and others not, I hope these stories will strengthen our empathy and understanding of the tumultuous journeys we have all be on…

The Covid Chronicles is a personal project that I am developing, I am interviewing people about their thoughts and experiences and from there I am writing participant’s stories, these stories will be anonymised and documented on my blog. It seems so important to record and honour the many voices of this pandemic. Would you like to tell your story? It’s an opportunity to have your voice heard and your journey recognised. I will listen with respect, empathy and without judgement. These stories give a window of iinsight into the vast array of circumstances and conditions that people have endured whilst in lockdown.

I’m interested to hear from anyone from any background, vocation or age group. If you think you would like to be involved or would like to find out more please contact me.

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