Lucy Aged 41

I was working in a secondary school as a learning support assistant at the time. When we first went into lockdown I stopped working and was put on furlough. For the first few weeks I did some reading and walked around my local park; which is as much as I could do with restrictions. I then signed up as an NHS volunteer responder delivering prescriptions to those shielding in my local area which allowed me to get out of the house more.

I did a zoom course with a local women’s organisation about changing direction and this led to a more career focused course, which was great as I got help with CV’s and interview skills. I retrained, took exams and have started to get work. I enjoy being able to work from home as it allows me to have a better work life balance, the new norm in working from home or blended working suits me.

What kept me grounded through-out the year was the ability to remain creative. I joined a filmmaking group and we met up on zoom every week. We developed documentaries and wrote some short films and when restrictions lifted we got together to make them. I also got to paint, read and just spend time doing things that I enjoy. Having more time on my hands hasn’t always been easy as I have had time to reflect, although I had worked through difficulties in my life and overcame them I realised I still hung on to things. I practice yoga every week and this practice helped me to delve deep! I think having the space to think and just sit with uncomfortable emotions has been a positive thing for me. Coming out of lockdown feels a bit overwhelming but I am hopeful that there is a better way of life ahead.

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