Dave aged 67

The whole thing impacted people in different ways but the one thing we all had was the uncertainty of everything. This has never been dealt with in my lifetime, my dad lived through the 2nd world war, so I heard all those stories. This is something that came near to that kind of tragedy.  People were impacted greater or lesser, lesser for me, no real worries apart from not seeing the kids, not going to the pub, not going to the football. Other people were impacted much more, people who lost their jobs, NHS workers fatigued.  I felt for people who didn’t have back gardens to go to, they were suddenly stuck in a box.

The first lockdown was really ok because we had the decent weather, the weather really saved the day in a lot of factors.  People found the 2nd lockdown more difficult, being in the middle of winter, it was not nice, it was not good, the uncertainty was not great.  I went to two funerals and it was just terrible, you had to stay outside and only 30 people went. There was only 15 people at the first one and how poor is that a way to send someone off, you want to share their life with people and we couldn’t.

I wrote a poem about getting off lightly, me and my family were getting off lightly.  I had a daughter with a brand new baby and she couldn’t show it off to anyone and that was difficult.  The bit that hurt me though was having grandchildren and family on the other side of the country, some family were local but the lack of access to them was very difficult.  It was tough but not a killer for us, not great, not perfect.  

Although we were physically apart, I think it brought people together, we are a close knit family but my all my children were checking in on me all the time and I was checking in on them, and the zoom was a great success, we did zoom quizzes.  People were more supportive, families were more supportive, people were more concerned about each other, connectivity was improved. There is an old lady at the end of the road, I didn’t know this lady’s name, she started walking up the road and back so I made it my business to ask her how she was. I asked her name, and asked if she was ok or needed anything, I told her I’m there for her if she wants to come knocking. I think we started looking out for people more.

I thought the NHS did a fantastic job and it makes you proud of the people you have got behind the scenes, the people who are coming up with the vaccines, the scientists.  I think they have done a great job, trying to direct us and coming up with a vaccine so quickly.  You get a warm feeling because they have got us out of this one, I think we are coming out of it now.  I’ve had both my vaccines I don’t feel bullet proof but I feel more comfortable getting out there.

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